- Assured visibility of over 20,000 class A,B and C consumers who have high purchasing power
    - TableTop placemat advertising is effective & inexpensive!
    - TableTop placemats are a proven method of advertising that has a readership rate of over 85%
    - Has an effective and successful way of getting your message out about your product or service
    - Will give you constant advertising exposure right inside the venue and your advertisement will be read by many potential customers during the advertising period
    - Readers are not choked by many advertisements since each placemat can only accommodate less than 25 advertisements
    - And once you’ve placed an ad with us, your business still continues to get maximum exposure by being listed in our business directory found in our website

FACT:  According to NEWSWEEK MEDIA Magazine, 48% of television viewers leave the room when commercials come on. Of the viewers who remain, 82% are “inattentive”.

76% of readers claimed to remember advertising on placemats, compared to only 64% of newspaper readers who claimed to have "skimmed the ads".